Do The Work


The Villa

Custom coded restaurant website built with no framework. Fully responsive and ready to be expanded.

record shop

Bogey’s West

Fully responsive record store website build with custom code and Bootstrap 4. Social embeds and local feel.

coffee website

Cold Craft

Fully responsive single page product website. Direct with very fast load times.

farm website

Lavender Moon Farm

Local Farm website as well as simple e-commerce. Fully Responsive and build using Bootstrap 4.

bar website

The Spur

Simple custom coded restaurant website built with no framework.

local honey

Colorado Local Honey

Fully responsive e-commerce website build using Bootstrap 4.

I build websites one line of code at a time to be able to have complete control of what I create. Never stop learning I set my sights on my goals.


Lets talk about you goals.

What can we create?

Lost Vanguard