Sales Copy

We will create your advertisement and write sales copy tailored for your offer and for your ideal customer.

Detailed Targeting

We will apply our experience in targeting people on Facebook who are most likely to engage with your ad.

Social Proof

Along with driving conversions we will run campaigns to bolster your social proof and help your brand stand out.

fackbook advertisement

Social Media Management

Vanguard Media will post on your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter once a day for five days a week with content created just for your unique business. We will engage with your audience and reply to messages sending any leads directly to you.

The posts will we create for you will be a mix of text only and image posts with the goal of developing leads as well as building your brand. We will find trending hashtags (#) and incorporate them into your post to reach more people in your target audience.

Having Vanguard Media reply to comments on posts or direct messages is a way to provide customer service and help keep people interested and engaged with your business.

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